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American Health Care Initiative

American Health Care: Rethinking the Challenges, Opportunities, and Possibilities is a collaborative initiative between the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and the Concerned Actuaries Group dedicated to informing the public, policymakers, and key stakeholders regarding the fiscal and managerial challenges confronting our health care system. This effort seeks to encourage a broader and more informed discussion about why the system is costly and not working to maximum capacity.

Through this initiative, the two organizations will each publish and promote a series of papers, briefings, presentations, and other materials to energize a much needed conversation about improving the sustainability and accessibility of our health care system and managing the rising costs that threaten our current system.

Press Release:

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and Concerned Actuaries Group Launch Collaborative Public Dialogue on American Health Care

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget:

Health Spending and the Federal Budget

The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, and a large share of that spending comes from the federal government. Over time, costs are expected to grow and consume an increasing share of federal resources. Over the long term, the rising cost of federal health care spending is clearly unsustainable. Without a course correction, the result will be program insolvency, crowding out of important public priorities, and a growing federal debt. Given how central health care spending is to the federal budget, it is important to understand how that spending is distributed and how it will grow. This paper provides background on major health care programs in the federal budget.

Concerned Actuaries Group:

Big Numbers

Not enough of the current health care dialogue is focused on improving the quality, availability, and management of health care. Critical to this conversation is recognizing the magnitude of the numbers involved in American health care and understanding how that magnitude affects both the nation’s physical and financial health. To that end, a video briefing and article discuss five major research driven, data-based conclusions.


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