Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Budget Projections

Revenues and Outlays under the President's Budget

CRFB has talked a lot about deficit and debt projections over the coming decade, and beyond.

The Costs of Current Policies

This morning, we released our review of CBO's Analysis of the President's

Gimmick, Responsible Budgeting, or Something in Between?

There has been a great deal of discussion about certain parts of the health care bill and whether or not they constitute budget gimmickry (see

Comparing Health Care Reform Bills (Updated Charts and Interactive Graphs)

CRFB has yet again updated its health care comparison chart -- as well as its interactive shareable graphs -- in light of CBO's

Costs of Policy Changes under President's Budget

CRFB has updated its comparisons of the costs of the President's proposed policies -- outlined in the

States Face Huge Unfunded Liabilities in Their Pension Plans

On Tuesday, March 9, the New York Times reported about how state and local

More Analysis of the President's Budget

On Friday, the Congressional Budget Office released its Prelimina

Are Social Security Surpluses Gone for Good?

Along with their analysis of the President's Budget, on Friday, CBO updated its

CBO Releases its Preliminary Analysis of the President's Budget

This afternoon CBO released its preliminary analysis of the President’