Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


CRFB Event: It's Time to Get Specific

With the fiscal debt clock ticking, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget yesterday brought together members of Congress and other fiscal

‘Line’ Items: September to Forget Edition

Not Much Worth Remembering – As September closes this week, it is clear that lawmakers already have one foot out the door; a

A Thousand Cuts...

The Center for American Progress released a paper yesterday titled "

Gates Announces Plan for Defense Spending Cuts

Yesterday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates held a pre

‘Line’ Items: War Supplemental Finally Passes; Small Biz Bill Not So Lucky

House Gone, Senate Eyeing the Exit – The House started its six-week recess Friday and the Senate will adjourn at the end of

‘Line’ Items: Heat Wave Edition

If You Can’t Stand the Heat… – Washington has been experiencing a heat wave, but it can’t all be blamed on the friction between th

‘Line’ Items: International Sports Edition

Opens and Tours – Americans did not fare well in sporting events across the pond this weekend; leaving us Yanks to rely on p

‘Line’ Items: Running of the Bulls Edition

Running for the Exits – The “Running of the Bulls” has begun in Pamplona, Spain.

‘Line’ Items: Post-Fourth Edition

After the Fireworks – The Independence Day celebrations have concluded.

Singing for Their Supplemental

Late last night the House passed a supplemental appropriations bill ostensibly to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.