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‘Line’ Items: Getting Out of Town Edition

Heavy Congressional Workload Before Break – Congress has a busy week ahead before it leaves town for next week’s Memorial Day recess....

Defense Spending No Longer Exempt from Scrutiny

There's been a lot of discussion over the past few weeks about spending in the Defense Department, following speeches made by Secretary Robert Gate

Weekend Editorial Roundup

Here are the highlights from this weekend’s editorials on fiscal and budget policy:

Bills Bills Bills: Extenders and Supplementals

Next week, House Democrats intend to introduce a package of aid to states, extended unemployement benefits, and tax break extensions.

‘Line’ Items: Greek Tragedy Edition

From Sophisticated to Sophocles – The untangling of the complex web of financial manipulation and deceit arising from the &l

Rethinking TRICARE Benefits

Admiral Roughead (Navy), General Conway, (Marine Corps) and Admiral Allen (Coast Guard) all took the spending challenge today, arguing that retired

‘Line’ Items: Derby Edition

Super Saver Cashes In – Those who couldn’t resist the irony of betting it all on a horse named Super Saver were reward

What Will the Budget Look Like in 2020?

In our Analysis of the President's FY 2011 Budget, we discussed that

Freeze Leaves Some Cold, Some Toasty

Today, CRFB released our Analysis of the President's FY 2011 Budget. We will be following-up here at The Bottom Line with shorter analyses discussing...

President Releases $3.8 Trillion Budget

President Obama released a Fiscal 2011 budget request today that would spend some $3.8