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Federal Reserve

MarketWatch: October 25-29, 2010

All eyes are on next week’s meeting of the Fed’s Open Market Committee (FOMC), the monetary policy setting body of the Fed.

MARKETWATCH: October 18 - 22

Most of the week, markets continued to reflect expectations that the Fed would increase its purchases of Treasury securities (known as quantitati

Lessons from Monetary Policy for Fiscal Policy

On Friday, Fed Chairman Bernanke provided a lesson that fiscal policymakers should take to heart: Expectations matter.

MARKETWATCH: October 11 - 15

Change is in the air, but plenty of uncertainty remains. As of mid-morning, the dust is still settling in U.S. and global markets as they take stock...

‘Line’ Items: Columbus Day Edition

Day of “Discovery” – Today we celebrate the man who quasi-discovered the Americas with a quasi-holiday that not

The Chairman Weighs in on Fiscal Rules

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke made a hard-hitting speech this evening about fiscal sustainability and fiscal rules.

The Fed Widens the Easing Door

Today, the Fed widened the door further toward easing monetary policy (presumably in the form of additional quantitative easing).

A Not So Happy Anniversary

Nobody's breaking out the champagne for this anniversary.

‘Line’ Items: Emmy Edition

From Red Carpet to Red Ink – The Emmy Awards last night celebrated the best in TV.

CRFB President Comments on Fiscal Policy in Jackson Hole

At the Federal Reserve meetings in Jackson Hole, CRFB President Maya MacGuineas, commented on fiscal policy and the need for a credible debt reduct