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Comparison: Cost of the House Health Care Bill

Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intoduced the latest House health care reform bill, fresh with estimates from the Congressional Budget Office and...

House Health Bill Numbers Come Out Today

Update: The Congressional Budget Office has put out their amended score of the House health care bill.

CBO Delivers Cost Estimate for Physician Payment Updates

Yesterday the CBO delivered a cost estimate for instituting permanent Medicare physician payment updates by repealing the sustainable growth...

Romer on Health Care Reform and the Budget Deficit

Yesterday, Council of Economic Advisers Chair Christina Romer spoke at the Center for American Progress on
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Understanding the Health Insurance Excise Tax

The health care reform bill recently passed by the Senate Finance Committee relies on a $200 billion health insurance tax to help fund the costs of...

Update on Senate “Doc Fix” Legislation

The Medicare physician payment bill (S 1776) sponsored by Senator Stabenow was

Congress Debates Medicare Payment Patches

Update: Debate on this issue got pushed back until today in the Senate. CRFB recently released this press release on the issue: Don't Let...