Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

President's Fiscal Commission

CRFB President Testifies Before President's Fiscal Commission

This morning, CRFB president Maya MacGuineas will testify before the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, an executive committe

CRFB President Details Options to Stabilize the Debt

In her testimony before the President’s Fiscal Commission last week, CRFB President Maya MacGuineas presented the following plan as an option...

‘Line’ Items: Post-Fourth Edition

After the Fireworks – The Independence Day celebrations have concluded.

Fiscal Commission Holds Public Forum

This morning, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf released CBO's long-term outlook at the third public meeting of The National Commission on Fiscal...

Fiscal Targets: Why We Need Both Medium and Long-Term Targets

The President's Fiscal Commission has been charged with proposing:

Live Webcast: Fiscal Commission's Second Meeting

The President's Fiscal Commission is holding its second public meeting, which is being webcast live on the White House's website. We've embedded the...

‘Line’ Items: Derby Edition

Super Saver Cashes In – Those who couldn’t resist the irony of betting it all on a horse named Super Saver were reward

'The Most Predictable Economic Crisis We've Ever Had'

Concluding earlier this afternoon, the inaugural meeting of the President's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform laid the ground